. In her team name, "Birdo Bows", from Mario Super Sluggers, she wears lipstick, which is odd because she does not use lipstick during the game, nor in most of her other appearances. Mario Rugby League. has proven that Birdos can spit pink Yoshi Eggs, most Birdo Eggs are non-spotted. It depicts her winking and standing near a Birdo's Egg. Here, she appears in the level of W4-1: Snow Rise, on a giant swing as Mario comes to a cliff and hits a nearby tree. In this video I play as Birdo in Mirror Mode challenging the Lightning Cup in Mario Kart Wii for the Nintendo Wii!Subscribe to ShyGuyStation! 6. When Birdo emerges victorious from the Star Battle, she is crowned the Superstar and wins a year's worth of candy. She begins by spinning around twice. Her emblem is once again her ribbon. She is unlocked with 1,000 mileage points on the Duty Free Shop. Also, when the player chooses Daisy in the double tournament mode, Birdo would be her default partner. Accessories she wears are a large red bow on the back of her head and a large diamond ring on her left hand. !, the description for Catherine states she "appears to be Yoshi's girlfriend, but is actually his boyfriend!?" She has a large, open mouth and eyelashes, unlike Yoshi. Birdo is somewhat vain, as she perceives herself to be very beautiful and feminine, and often strikes eccentric poses to show off her appearance. She also hosts some training sessions. 1 Games 1.1 Mario Kart Tour 2 Trivia 3 Weblinks Birdo (Light Blue)'s weight is in Mario Kart Tour unknown, but possible is her weight medium. Birdo could have been inspired by the Snowth, a creature in the song "Mahna Mahna" from The Muppets. Birdo responds by furiously knocking him away through a wall and ending their relationship. Additionally, Birdo always wears a massive diamond ring on her finger. If Mario complies, a battle between his party and Shelly would begin. She will perform to him a short serenade and then give him the Goat, also warning Mario not to "get egg on [his] face" upon swinging away. After being defeated, she gives the key to Mario. Birdo appears as a boss in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Birdo is one of the characters in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. In this state, her attack power is much higher and she now targets both bros. with her egg attack instead of just one and does it much faster. Since then, she has appeared in various spin-off series of the franchise, and her original role as an antagonist has gradually been scrapped in favor of a newer role as an ally. Birdo enters the golf course kissing her golf club, and celebrates a nice shot by hugging her club. Birdo's special item is the Birdo's Egg, which differs from Yoshi's attack in that it has pink spots instead of green. Birdo is rare to come up in some new games and is not present in Mario Kart 8 (Deluxe). Birdo's mini-turbo is tied with Diddy Kong's, while being inferior to that of Koopa Troopa, Dry Bones, Wario, and Dry Bowser. In several early illustrations, she is depicted as being orange instead of pink, and on the cover of Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic, she is depicted with distinct nostrils midway up her snout and what appears to be a tongue in her mouth, though neither of these traits has ever been shown again. Birdo is playable in Mario Sports Superstars. During the act, two Paper Macho Koopa Troopas fight over her while Mario battles them. Birdo's spirit artwork is from Mario Party 7. Mario Kart Tour . Birdo often holds a Crystal Ball, with two exceptions: Pink Birdo's appearance as a standard enemy in World 4-3, and a Red Birdo room in World 7-2, in which Birdo relinquishes a key needed to get to the Mask Gate leading to Wart. She has bright pink skin, a white belly, and red ridges on her back. Birdo is found in Area 1, and faces off against the player, alongside three other Birdos, in Ice Hockey. Unlike in Super Smash Bros. Melee, however, this trophy is not two-dimensional. Mario Kart: Double Dash! Their team name is "Egg Explosion". In the game, Birdo's indeterminate gender also forms the basis for a side quest to find proof that she is a girl (which is found, but censored), overall suggesting that Birdo is a transgender female. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She also appears in the game's second introduction, being the only unlockable character to do so. The description for the job is as follows: "Mario the zoo keeper think's he's one lucky fellow. She is found on Yoshi's team as a unlockable sub-captain, and can also be chosen as a captain in Exhibition Mode. Sometime later, Birdo replaces Bowser as Popple's "Rookie" out of her mad love for the Beanish crook. Yoshi and Birdo are also the staff ghost of Yoshi Circuit, using the Turbo Yoshi kart. Her snout is shaped like a trumpet, for shooting her signature eggs. Her racket is also purchasable for use by Miis. Birdo is very flirtatious and affectionate with others, even when she does not know them very well, as evidenced in Fortune Street where her dialogue is very playful, flirty and endearing. Birdo receives a small weight and off-road boost, while her best bonus is the mini-turbo stat. She is one of the two new characters, the other being Dry Bones. However, when she goes off-road, she loses a moderate amount of speed. Birdo later appears in Big Sho' Theater for a performance on the second stage. They have purple eyes, each of which is framed by three long, thin eyelashes. After Popple and Birdo fail in their attempt to destroy the Mario brothers, Popple blames it all on Birdo and even goes as far as to fire his latest apprentice. Flags . Admin. Her alternate names are: Birdo Models, Birdo Beauties, Birdo Bows and Birdo Fans. The first appearance of Birdo is in Super Mario Bros. 2, serving the antagonist Wart. The Birdo Cup is one of the cups in Mario Kart Tour. Her Trick Shots are "Perfect Pose" for forwards and "Cheerful Step" for sideways. The trophy also features information about her appearances in Super Mario Bros. 2 and Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic. i Super Mario Bros X jako odpowiednik Yoshiego. She gets quite upset about this, and asks Nick to go to her Cute Home and find something that will prove she is not lying. Though Birdo herself does not physically appear in Mario Tennis Open, one can unlock a suit of her for customizing their Mii with. From the Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia, "Catherine" redirects here. Furthermore, Birdo is the only playable female character that does not receive a speed bonus. She is shown in the three-minecart-chain with two Shy Guys for the Bowser's Snow Fort section of the parade winking at the player. This is the first game in the Mario Party series with Birdo as a playable character. This kart can be unlocked by completing the Flower Cup on 150cc with a 1st-place win.. Statistics. !Mario Kart WiiMario Kart Tour If she is beaten, Birdo will be unlocked as well as other features. In golf, her default drive is 217 yards, and her shots travel medium-high in a fade trajectory. Birdo's emblem is also seen on a bag available as a preorder bonus for Mario Tennis Aces in Japan. If she gets worse than a bogey she shoots eggs at the camera but gets knocked back by her eggs. Despite having appeared in many other games, Super Mario Bros. 2 is the only title listed in Birdo's game appearances. Her eagle, albatross, and hole-in-one animations show her kissing the camera, causing it to fall down. She has purple eyes, each of which is framed by three long, thin eyelashes. Like all playable characters, Birdo receives five amiibo cards for each sport from the game's series of amiibo cards. Birdo's Winter Outfit. She has three red spines on her back. (2003) She is unlocked by completing the NES REMIX (Super Mario Bros. 2) event course. Information Like Wart and Mouser, Birdo appears frequently as a card on the screen and can cast spells to switch the player character or change enemies into bombs. It has been requested that one or more images be uploaded and added to this article. Likes. Her Mii costume also reappears. Her other special moves include Suction, which allows her to catch balls distances away from her, much like Yoshi's Tongue Catch, and Body Check which allows her to attack players on the base when timed right. Her special shot in baseball and soccer is similar to horse racing, but in baseball the ball is encased in a Birdo's Egg. Overview. It can be unlocked by winning a match against an Ace computer in Exhibition mode. She is unlocked when the player finishes the Hard Mushroom Cup with a bronze rank. The Super Mario Bros. 2 cast roll mistakenly labels Birdo as Ostro (and vice versa), an unrelated enemy. In the pre-release build of Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, Birdo was referenced on courtside banners by her Japanese name, "Catherine". One egg holds Popple; the other three each contain Bob-ombs that will rush forward after their egg is broken open and need to be jumped over. Birdo also has some hints of heart based power similar to Princess Peach as shown in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour in her victory cut-scene and Mario Hoops 3-on-3 in her special shot. Throughout the game, the trio go up against Wario as he sends out the monsters of Wario's Woods. She then fights Captain Goomba's squad alongside Popple. The Cute Home represents Birdo's personality and her likings: the interior consists of mostly pink and red equipment decorated with many heart and ribbon emblems. While Birdo herself does not appear in Mario Golf: Advance Tour, she is mentioned on the score chart during tournaments, and appears when the GCN cable is linked to the GBA. In this game, Birdo speaks clear sentences such as, "This is as far as you go!" She has big purple eyes with three eyelashes. All of this is not revealed until later in the game, when Toadsworth and Peach explained the situation to the Mario Bros. As they spoke, Birdo appears and starts wildly chasing two of Lady Lima's Peas, after winking at them flirtatiously. Birdo is featured as one of the Mario-themed character skins in the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack, available in versions of Minecraft released on Nintendo systems. She has a white belly like a Yoshi, as well as white-padded feet. She gives out information about the previous Mario Party games, even saying that she was a previous playable character herself when she was younger, as well as advice as to what the player is doing throughout the game and hosts regular quiz sessions. Once again, Birdo still does not have her own stadium, but she appears along with Yoshi in one of the screens of the Mario Stadium. Permits . It is located on a remote place of the island. She can also spit out flaming eggs in a wild, sporadic way. For the species, see, “Clearly this is a test for me. Birdo appears in the Wii U version, but she is not playable, instead appearing by the sand statue where the Heroes Showdown multiplayer mode can be chosen. Also, she is portrayed to be very friendly, and enjoys being with the whole Mario crew. Birdo, self-referred to as Birdetta[1] and the shorthand Birdie, is a recurring character in the Mario franchise. Players can also use jeweled gear for Birdo if they have unlocked it through purchasing randomly-packed digital cards. and "Well, hello there!". In the various iterations of Super Mario Bros. 2, her snout ends with a small hole and is somewhat barrel-shaped, inverting while it is open; later games, however, use the latter shape in all situations, likely due to looking that way in her original artwork. Supe… She has also appeared in the Mario Golf series and the Mario Tennis series. Zudem haben sie ähnliche Fähigkeiten und sind in Spielen wie Mario Kart: Double Dash!! The French and Chinese versions use ambiguous genders instead. It resembles the Turbo Yoshi, but the front of it is made into the shape of Birdo's face.. and an unlockable character in Mario Kart Wii. Other characters usually have two titles listed. she sucked up, but will also restore her own HP. Then, when the Beanish witch tried to use the "pure" voice to awaken the Beanstar, it went berserk. Birdo is skilled at Archery, as revealed in Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Despite this, Birdo has never appeared alongside Yoshi in a Yoshi game. !, the two are partners and share a similar Special Item. Birdo appears in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games as a rival in the Legends Showdown mode. In the Japanese commercial for Super Mario All-Stars, she wears a white stole, a very expensive-looking black dress adorned with a black necklace with many pearls, and a very elegant fan[8]. Birdo is mostly pink, with a rounded belly, red tail spikes and purple spots on her cheeks. While still being a weak pitcher, she has great stamina and a strong throwing arm. Depending on a turn, in which Birdo shoots out, Eggberts would actually fling the explosive eggs back into Birdo's nest, where they could be attacked so that they would explode and deal massive damage to Birdo herself. Birdo appears in the sequel, Super Mario Maker 2, as of the version update 3.0.0, where her original sprite flashes on-screen when the mini-boss trigger is activated while under the effects of the SMB2 Mushroom. However, Nintendo of America usually refers to Birdo as female. After they are defeated, Birdo drags Popple away. She hits relatively high making it easier to avoid obstacles, but her shots more affected by wind. Some of her voice clips are reused from Mario Kart: Double Dash!! She appears next to Yoshi, and the two are seen to be very affectionate. In games for the Japanese-only Satellaview, Birdo is consistently shown as an okama, a Japanese term for a male who acts extremely feminine, but does not necessarily identify as one. Birdo looks somewhat like Yoshi, but there are some differences. This is shown when losing a round of 18 in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour and Mario Golf: World Tour. Birdo appears as a costume in Super Mario Maker. Birdo develops a crush on Nick, and calls him her "boyfriend". Although Birdo is not playable (as she appears only in the top right corner of the screen), she aids Toad (the main hero) by providing him with encouragement and as a look out for Wario throughout the rounds. In this Mario Party installment, Birdo's default partner is Yoshi in the "Team Mode" (their team orb being the Egg Orb). he be gone. Birdo returns in the Nintendo 3DS remake, with the same role as in the original game. Skin Category Submitter Stats. Birdo has a relationship with Yoshi, as seen in many Mario sports games. Like all other unique characters, she has her own cup. Birdo's mini turbo can be used with the Wild Wing and the Mach Bike to make it the strongest mini turbo in the middleweight class. If Nick lets Birdo's wish be granted, she flies into the sky with the Star and disappears. However, when she goes off-road, she loses a moderate amount of speed. Birdo has an equal balance of weight, top speed, and acceleration. She is one of the opponents to defeat in the Japanese game Yakuman DS. In Mario Kart Arcade GP 2, Birdo made a few cameos in crowds and signs. Birdo comes in three colors: Pink Birdo[2] shoots eggs from her snout, Red Birdo[2] shoots eggs and fireballs, and Green Birdo[2] only shoots fireballs. BS Super Mario USA 8. These look just like plain white eggs. In Mario Party 8, MC Ballyhoo and Big Top invited Birdo and her friends to the Star Carnival. Sometimes, Birdo comes out from the side of the stage and shoot eggs, hurting any player who comes in contact with them. as Yoshi's default partner. Birdos come in a variety of colors, like green, red, and even gray. Birdo Is the only Character in Mario Kart Wii (not including the Miis) not to have any staff ghosts. To unlock Birdo, the player needs to defeat her in Luigi's Stage Level 1. Her tour debut is the Yoshi Tour. She has small but pointed claws, with four fingers on each hand and three toes on each foot. 656 points Ranked 44,783rd. Super Mario Advance is also notable for being one of the last games to give Birdo understandable voice acting, as further games would simply allow her to emit honking noises. In the coloring book game Super Mario Bros. & Friends: When I Grow Up, the coloring page for Zoo Keeper features Birdo in a cage. Birdo also appears in the Challenge Mode, where she is stuck in a nearby tree, and the rainbow bridge that leads to her is currently down, so the player will have to tackle Bowser Jr. to restore it. Both Red and Green Birdos have different dialogue lines. In addition to eggs, Birdo has also shown the ability to utilize her snout in a manner similar to a vacuum, using it to suck things closer to herself or even swallow them; Birdo displays this ability in both Mario Superstar Baseball and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, the latter of which also has her leeching away the health of those she sucks up. Overview. Joined 1y ago. Super Mario Bros. 2 5. Birdo has an equal balance of weight, top speed, and acceleration. She is portrayed by Jessica Chisum. (2003) Nintendo GameCube Everybody is Birdo 16:9 Aspect Ratio - Real Widescreen 4K (UHD) [3840p x 2160p] 60fps Birdo is shown physically holding the ball in the NES version of Super Mario Bros. 2 and in Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic, although this is harder to see in the latter due to the crystal ball not having the animated red line. However, Birdo was not a common character until her first playable appearance in Mario Tennis on the Nintendo 64. This is because she lacks a matching course, however, this reason wouldn't make any sense because of. In-game, Birdo's bow is smaller than it is regularly. In the Satellaview special BS Super Mario USA, Birdo first received a speaking role, though it is mostly lost due to the broadcast nature.