I was looking for a bronzer for my legs. Love it. i will definitely buy this again. When I woke up I had a very light, maybe 1 shade darker, color. I've used several different products and this is by far the best. This is definitely a new holy grail product for me. I can't even tan in the sun if I try! Ulta's Gradual Tan Water Mousse is a gentle, clear mousse that creates a healthy sunless glow over time without the guide color known to stain clothes and sheets. I've used lots of self tans and this product is by far the best! Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Water Light - Sun-Kissed Glow Full Size 4.0 out of 5 stars 147. Will be my new go to Fakebake product! Hard to see where you have applied, therefore it was very uneven. OMG by the time about 2 hours went by my legs looked like I had rolled around in dry dirt. it lasts pretty well too and fades nicely. Great product! I think the reason people don't see a difference is because they aren't using it correctly. So glad I decided to try this one vs the $32 one next to it on the shelf. It's just makes a small difference on me,but that's what I want. Original Price $7.00. It does have a heavy perfume while applying but it fades after awhile. 1471 Reviews Shop All Self Tan . Browse self tanner & bronzing lotions at Ulta. :(. No lines, smears or streaks-however, a single drop of water on my leg that somehow got missed, created a huge streak. … But no weird smell, easy to apply! Quick Shop. It lasts a good while too! And the smell... Dear God in Heaven the smell was horrible. 1795 Reviews Cacao Tanning Oil SPF6. However, in some places it NEVER dried and I was sticky all night, yuck. Does not stain. $44.59. BB Cream SPF15. Wash hands thoroughly after application this was the first self tanner I ever bought. my skin is glowing and has a great bronze look. I'm black and use this for pageants. Everywhere I was dry, the tan turned out perfectly! Just give your body a real good once-over to ensure no missed spots. Nach dem Auftragen erhält deine Haut in etwa drei bis sechs Stunden einen … No transfer on my white sheets. I put it on in the evening and didn't see much of a difference at first. The first time I tried it, I made the mistake of leaving part of my body damp, as most self-tanner state to use damp skin (and the instructions didn't say if skin should be damp or dry). Quick Shop. Ich verwende es 2-3 Mal die Woche!” @fit_selin “Die Bräune von VENICE ist nicht orange, sondern natürlich, wie frisch vom Strand! I found that 15 seems like the magic number to keep it off your clothes. Light Self-Tan Water. After one application I could already see a slight color change!! Water in marshy, low-lying, or coastal areas is also more susceptible to tannins. It?s anti-inflammatory properties calm the skin and reduce redness. Easy to use ( I searched YouTube for how to videos) . Only 1 left in stock - order soon. This facial Tanning water mist contains organic DHA which develops a gradual tan in 4-6 hours. Great product, use 3toimes a week after showering. If you get unsightly build up just use baby oil in those areas to smooth out the mistakes. Definitely great for someone pale that just wants a golden color! I wish it was a better one. A unique blend of purified water, vitamins B, C and E, raspberry seed oil and natural tanning actives to illuminate and hydrate. This beats all self-tanners of similar price to me. Medium Self-Tanning Water £ 18.95. -Dry, freshly cleaned Skin (No soaps with oils, parabens etc because it affects the absorption of the tan) Because there is no guide color, be sure to blend evenly, ensuring all areas are covered to avoid streaking. Find self-tanner, tan enhancer, body bronzer & application mits to achieve the perfect sunless tan all year. Sunscreen … It actually smells like coconut and never gives off that traditional tanner scent. I don't want to say it won't work for others. I have had no issues with the color or streakiness, but do think I would be reaching for the more expensive brands on a regular. This quick drying, translucent formula means you can literally apply and go, developing a radiant glow in just 2-4 hours. It was even with no streaks and it was easy to put on with the self tanning mitt. I also had a slight rash in some places where I had applied this. Doesn't give an orange or weird color, just a nice tan. A little tacky at first, but seemed pretty "set" within an hour or so. I used it with hesitation and it gradually made me tan with no streaks or stains on clothes. Rated 4.7 out of 5. It's not super dark. It looks natural and even. I love the color i get after about the three day mark, the first two days I just look orange. I'm very light skinned so I should've seen more than what I did. Also great that there is no color transfer. I get so many comments about my tan and since I ride my bike about 4-5 times/week, I claim the tan is from that.
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