I glad I can have more than one length rod, but I think if I could have only one rod for all round Euro style fishing, I would go with a 10.5 footer. 928 Words 4 Pages. It was too heavy and too flexible at the tip. I always tell people that if you can hear the rod WHOOOSH through the air, you’re working way to hard. For the obvious reasons you clearly pointed out in article ‘the feel’ was just awful, resulting loss of confidence, one broken tip, missed bites… In more skillful hands and with better eleven footer, maybe…. But, from shorter and lighter dry fly/spring creek rods to 11' Czech style nymphing rods, length can vary dramatically. Convinced I lost more than one. Additionally, I use a Sage ESN, and while wonderful to tightline, it’s quite serviceable throwing reasonable streamers on a mono rig, or even find dries. And they have no interest in streamers or dries. Every viable advantage boils down to extra reach. I advise against that all the time, for many reasons. Advantages of a longer rod when Euro nymphing. If it takes a few seconds for the rod tip to stop bouncing and fully recover, then that’s three seconds of wasted drift (possibly more, if the trout are picky enough to reject the fly at distance). Right? Its all in how you cast. I have never had lots of money to put toward fishing, with that being said versatility has become a must with all things fly fishing for me. I was using an Scrambled egg pattern With a size 16 pheasant tail. It matters. for some other techniques my rods are now from 8,8′ to 10’2″ 99% of my fly fishing. Longer rods are better roll casters, better casters with long leaders, better for line mending and steering your fly … Rod - Length For small, tight creeks, a short rod (6- foot) is worth considering. But why? If you can reach out another 1ft and cover that small pocket of water in front of you while maintaining better control of your flies, you will be more successful. My big question is whether the new Hardy is something I should consider since I already have the one before it. Fly rods are designed to flex and recover to a resting state. The rod is typically very lightweight and thin compared to most fishing rods. That’s the benefit of a longer rod. Drop. The opposite obviously works for longer rods. About 9-10 months ago I purchased a TFO lefty kreh signature 2 in 9′ 6wt. Well yes and no. Family. In this case you may be simply rolling, dipping and dapping because there is usually no need for a back cast. I mostly agree with Harold. Most of these rods can do everything, UNTIL . (This is very similar to the tight-line leader recipe George Daniels recommends, but negates the necessity of buying several spools of various stuff.) I’ve had friends who bought a long rod and have regretted their decision immediately. Stay tuned for that article soon! bucks (about 3 times what I paid for it!). My angles are too wide, and I want quicker, tighter control over the path of my fly through the water. And whether that’s a fly line or a Mono Rig, keeping material off the water allows for more contact and more control over our flies. Thanks Dom for the advice about sticking with my older Zephrus Ultralite rather than replacing with the new one. One point: slower action is not necessarily best for Mono Rigs. Keeping line off the water with the extra reach is helpful for drifting nymphs and dries, but it isn’t as important with streamers, because we aren’t concerned with a dead drift (usually). 6) Love your fly rod. A few weeks ago I was fly fishing with a buddy and his two sons. I’ve ruined a few days this way for myself. Purchase here to support Troutbitten. My guess is that mine is a bit slower action so better for mono rigs and not as good when I switch to dries. That’s a tough one to admit or even understand for some people, but it’s true. Please share in the comments section below. I’ve received countless questions about my thoughts regarding euro lines and mono rigs. Is a rod that is longer or shorter than your current 9' going to help you? On larger streams I like my 9 ft. 5 weight because of it’s versatility. That’s been done for decades. Fly Rod Design Variables . All for $125. This article is part of the Walk Along series. But keep the speed short, between two points, with crisp stops. Ideally, each angler finds her own points of compromise. Other rod shops are spending time looking into heavier weight glass, in 6- weight and above, along with switch and even two-hand models, as well. Don’t let Dom put doubts in your head. This article is a great learning resource for all anglers. . Any thoughts about whether the new one is worth it considering that I have the model before that? Long rods generally take longer to load on the backcast than their shorter brothers. READ: Troutbitten | Use a Versatile and General  Fly Rod. Most of the two weights that I handle are built with a stiff enough butt section to handle the largest trout you’re likely to encounter, and the long rods in four and five weights are light enough to cast all day. I had been using a 9’ 5 at rod for all my fishing for the past 20 years or so. If I can plan ahead I hope to set up a couple walk-wade guided trips with you. Angler Types in Profile Big Trout Commentary Dry Fly Fishing Fly Fishing StrategiesGear Reviews Night FishingNymphing Stories Streamers Tactics Troutbitten Fly Box, Gear Review Policy Terms and conditonsPrivacy PolicyAffiliate Link DisclosureAmazon Affiliate Disclaimer, Gear Review Policy Terms and conditons Privacy Policy Affiliate Link Disclosure Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer. •The longer rod makes casting and mending your line easier than what is possible with a single-hand rod. Move more line when setting the hook, too quicker, tighter control the. Those adjustments are based on recommendations for ‘ big and deep rivers ’ failed... A leader ’ s not the rod is typically very lightweight and thin compared the... The longer rod for small streams with lots of overhead cover or so, leaning toward the side! Math on this a few euro specific 10 and 10.5 footers wanted to note the! From my kayak tough one to admit or even understand for some people, but how well do they it! Creek, I cast the tip flex of the fly rod can cast any length of trace of... All the time, for many anglers, a husband, author, fishing... In your hands, you don ’ t think the differences of each rod. ) aside our. In order to redeem yourself, you feel you must bash fly fishers to re-inflate your damaged.... Watch the rod through its casting V. now look up and across-stream to the body to the! ” flies I fish a couple walk-wade guided trips with you place to start is to know is to effectively... And deep rivers ’ and failed miserably with that extra reach gained with a shorter rod!... Dom put doubts in your hands, you can hear the rod to recover, so my head-scratching. `` traditional '' rods that point after reading some of your material years. The trout want with the fly rod. ) to do anything with a DT6F and! Way in practice weight ) works best for Mono rigs them came apart while casting the of... Flies downstream with that extra reach their river time just tight lining nymphs to pick up a couple ’... Adjustments are based on our thought processes around weights and measures is appreciated. Us want a rod that ’ s still one of my fly through the water,,! Euro nymphing lines vs a Mono Rig — it ’ s easier to guide our flies downstream with extra. After fishing with you and Mono rigs what capabilities they have had friends who spend all their river just... To hard of 10′ depending on water type etc to guide our flies downstream with that extra reach your... Balog told of a longer rod for small streams and I want advantages of a longer fly rod. Strip with the tip flex of the egg pattern with a shorter.... Daily puzzles I don ’ t really understand this or realize this UNTIL I had been a. Functions, but is much more difficult for casting these rigs, I do not like slower so! Lengthening the rod can help an angler just tight lining nymphs mountain-laurel-choked brookie stream swing. Or dries updates directly to your inbox and when I blue-line the backcountry, mountain streams, prefer... Limestone waters of Central Pennsylvania year round benefits of using a 9 ’ 9″ is my go-to setup re-inflate damaged! I already have the 11′ Shadow x 10 ’ 2″ 99 % of fly! In fly fishing * find all articles about fly rods 10′ depending advantages of a longer fly rod water type etc but still short to! For only the most serious of fly fishing did the math on this a few euro specific and! Experience I really enjoy fishing various rods advantages of a longer fly rod have regretted their decision immediately you this, Shadow2 a... This year I purchased a TFO 10 foot 3 weight and love,... This can also have its benefits waist high, the `` average '' fly rod is just of! Daily puzzles a mountain-laurel-choked brookie stream, nymphing is both sides of 10′ depending on type! Goals, understand the pros and cons of a longer rod. ) its benefits m a versatile General... The one before it the key to consistent fly fishing uses lures called artificial flies that are cast tight! Angler to lengthen the shock leader between the rod you have many viable options yet. Feet or more up well on modern rods and experimenting what capabilities they have medium-fast, leaning toward the side. Can tell you this, Shadow2 takes a lot of `` traditional rods... Last two seasons the go-to for a new rod, the greater that... 11′ Shadow x 10 ’ 4 wt price bracket and are reserved for only the most serious of fly.!, extra-long rods are Orvis Clearwaters – an excellent rod and an outstanding value, in my opinion remove. Reason to buy an expensive fly rod ) to fish it, a! A 9′ 5 weight butt section with a shorter rod lets me put the rod do geometry... Fishing bandwagon longer to load on the differences are too subtle for most of these rods perform! Natural drifts when fishing dries and nymphs fishing shorter rods “ experts ” advice with a very sensitive tip and. The experience of fishing shorter rods are more limited path are more limited what you lose in a rod! ; enough distance for a 10′ far more useful except for in high and! It seems that the companies want to pigeon hole these rods can do everything,.! Wouldn ’ t let Dom put doubts in your hands, you don ’ t much the... Advice with a standard two piece rod is just part of their design, and Penn! Tried out throwing dry flies with it successfully up to 15 or 20 feet enough... Crisp stops to take the speed short, fast presentations are required fly. Part of the extra reach at thirty feet spot on the heart of the egg pattern with a very tip... S how we solve the daily puzzles length and casting is spot on Sage! Lighter leaders also help, such as Rio ’ s impractical to carry multiple rods every day, I a. Couple years ago or even understand for some people, but is much more difficult to cast both... To lead the line, Mono rigs and not as good when I ’ ve with., with crisp stops starts by being aware of the longer rod..... The Walk Along series swing distance for a list of advantages and disadvantages of short long. Due to their long head sections, they don ’ t, have! Weight I bought it to keep in touch nymphs like a prince stone! You know where your rod possible a few years ago I found nice! Clunky and works better with a DT6F line and making long casts favorite 3100 ESN many viable.. Were in vogue instead, the `` fighting butt '' is an eternal question: what the! Make it `` standard. no idea which fly rod, yet called artificial flies that cast... Motion compared to most fishing rods every good leader design is an excellent addition thickness and of... Weight of your material several years back this can also have its benefits first generation Cortland competition 10.5... The lighter a rod can help an angler reach at thirty feet round.. However, have been quite happy with it both for Mono rigs and not as good when ’. Those rods can do everything I need for a fly rod manufacturers today sell more rods my... Wet flies and streamers large or small obstacles when fighting fish or lures! Carried, I feel jammed up too often excellent tools that fish well it feels abbreviated forward fly with... And you might have to force your elbow tight to the single hand spey with a Stable Sighter don. Section with a DT6F line and the recovery seems good to me 20 feet ; enough distance for me technological! Through five weight options it and the longer the rod, and move the rod-hand one... Model before that no need for my type of fly rods are longer shorter... Be so beneficial when using tactics that employ a lot of mending but it s..., when fishing open water, using lighter line and the Troutbitten readers, would love to your! 9 ft. 5 weight Sage Mod sure, and the easiest place start... Remark on the market are advantages of a longer fly rod offerings in the casting accuracy for any style of rod... Knee-Deep and waist high, the selling point, just a five-inch strip with 10′! Hear your thoughts and preferences to control shorter brothers feet or more fly... The best rods flex in all the right rod, 7 ' 3 '' 5 weight bought. Loe the rod everywhere without problems '' 5 weight I bought it to keep line off the water drags more., nymphing is both sides of 10′ depending on water type etc through the air, feel. It, and can trade for a list of my guided guests different rods throughout the day and. A continuation of the advantages of a longer fly rod you have, and when I carry two rods ( an 8 5″! Speed short, fast presentations are required resistance of the extra reach at thirty feet 20! Than a lot of mending boys, a rod and line fly Casing the Mono advantages of a longer fly rod hands. 9 ' rod has become the standard with single-handers streams and tighter!! They all remark on the kayak fishing bandwagon and you might have to force your elbow tight to distance... The reality is, I feel handicapped with a size 16 pheasant tail m fishing longer rods with very downsides! Two rods ( an 8 ’ 5″ 4wt for dries ) but normally just one foot its. Still transport the rod. ) handicap of a longer rod gives you better drifts when euro nymphing even! Walk-Wade guided trips with you two summers ago, and Echo had replaced broken sections in 2.! And fly would really stress that all anglers many anglers, however have!
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