I attended the “forge your own chef knife” class and it was great. The Works is a remarkable place with a truly fascinating history. It doesn’t take much time at all to realize you’re in the presence of someone at the top of their craft. Here’s our list of the greatest, most innovative, iconic, and coolest knives of all time For those of you out there looking to learn how to blacksmith you can do no better than finding your way out to Bridgetown Forge and taking courses under Arnon at his phenomenal space tucked away into the industrial side of Kenton. Suitable for almost all tasks in the kitchen. Because of the points above, we now know that Knife King is one of the most competent makers you can get to create a knife for you. Over three decades later he still makes knives at Portland Works. Master Bladesmith, ABS. The guiding principle is teaching efficient, ergonomic methods of shaping hot steel with hammer and anvil. Our goal is creating the kind of tool your hand will automatically reach for when you need to prepare a meal. It is an intense three days of work but you learn a lot and get to take home a very nice knife you made yourself. Design. 9-inch blade. Knifemakers, chiselmakers, and swordmakers use this type of hammer extensively. 8-inch blade. Differentially hardened, which results in a tough, flexible spine and a very hard, keen, long-lasting edge. ... -the-clock production, bigger facilities, and new machinery. Several high-quality knife makers call the Portland area home, including some of the best-known and respected brands in the business. It allows for rapid and accurate forming of the edge. Forget the hipsters. The 2nd annual BLADE Show West 2019 factory and custom knife awards were bestowed on Saturday, Nov. 2, 2019, at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. Using Old World Techniques, We Hand-Forge Knives One Heirloom at a Time™. GO NOW SHOP SIGN UP THE LAST PLACE YOU'LL EVER HAVE TO LOOK FOR HIGH QUALITY KNIFE MAKING EQUIPMENT! The Best 25 Knives Ever Made. Best!!!!! Bridgetown Forge produces a line of forging hammers for the blacksmith and the metal worker. Featuring true ergonomic design, these balanced, carefully forged and heat-treated hammers are designed to move and shape metal efficiently and with minimum effort. With over 300 years of history about steel and it still retains their original features although new creative designer are starting to use there. He completed a traditional knife-makers apprenticeship with his dad and eventually went on to take over the business. If you are looking for a custom Knife Maker in Portland, Oregon, browse offerings from hundreds of custom Knife Makers. We use American steel, reclaimed Oregon hardwoods and American craftsmanship to create a truly All-American knife. I look forward to more classes at Bridgetown Forge! See Shows & Awards for William Tuch's schedule.. 503-504-1261, [email protected] Jerry Davis is a knife maker who specializes in knives for collectors and outdoor enthusiasts. Bridgetown Forge. The rounded face allows it to create curved surfaces with ease, and to facilitate aggressive forging against the rounded edge of the anvil or the anvil horn. The true soul of Portland can be found in the knife makers who practice their craft in this rainy city. 204 were here. He specializes in hand made folding knives. This versatile, robust and extremely sharp knife is forged from a single bar of ball-bearing steel. Welcome to the Maine Knife Company Welcome to the Maine Knife Company Welcome to the Maine Knife Company Welcome to the Maine Knife Company The Axe Maker. Suitable for almost all tasks in the kitchen. The course covers a variety of techniques and theory about smiting with Steel. By PJ DelHomme. Features a round and a flat peen, this versatile hammer allows for sinking, raising, texturing, and forming metal over a stake. Bridgetown Forge offers a variety of classes for both the beginner and the experienced smith. Unlike other popular kitchen knives, Ferrum Knives are made with all American materials. I try to make every knife better than the last, my goal is to make the highest quality, best preforming, and most beautiful knives I can create. It’s designed to move a lot of steel quickly and efficiently, with minimal effort, and is made with larger projects in mind: axes, hatchets, and swords. Bridgetown Forge specializes in forging Japanese-style, performance-oriented culinary knives. Latest. It’s suitable for a variety of tasks: cutting chicken and fish, de-veining and peeling shrimp, and peeling fruit and vegetables. What you see there is a snapshot of where has been home to the Mitchell family knife making since 1980, at that time I was 10 years old, making knives within Portland Works has been almost all I have ever known. This knife is designed to perform multiple tasks in the kitchen, much like the Santoku knife, but with an aggressive tip for cutting meat or fish, and forged from heavier steel to create the thumb rest — a unique element in Bridgetown Forge knives. 503-466-1331. Some call it knife town. Portland Works exists as a centre for small manufacturing, independent artists and craftspeople. Tojiro White Steel Migaki Finished Santoku Japanese Chef Knife 165mm ★★★★★(5)2020/3/27. In use, blade is pinched between thumb and forefinger, and the rest of the fingers wrap around the short handle. Beginners welcome. Oaks Bottom Forge. Zay's Custom Knives. The building you see on the left of that photo is my workshop, the only place I have ever worked. Jonathan M. Product Name: Japanese and custom kitchen knife specialists - sales, sharpening, and repair. We are an informal group of multi-discipline Knife Makers in Central Oregon who are dedicated to the education of all those who wish to learn the art of making one of mankind's oldest and most useful tools, as well as supporting established Knife Makers East of the Cascades. Tuch Knives, William Tuch is a custom knife maker in Portland, Oregon. The Official Bob Kramer Knives Website. Due to … Forged from 1045 steel, and hardened and tempered for maximum toughness, at the same time avoiding excessive hardness which can lead to chipped edges and dings on your anvil. Portland Works is not just a historical building; it is also a thriving community benefit society and home to craftspeople, artists and small manufacturing. He’s that humble. This is a heavier hammer, meant to move a lot of steel rapidly, or to forge heavy stock or drive chisels, punches and mandrels. Each knife is individually designed with no two ever the same. What you see there is a snapshot of where has been home to the Mitchell family knife making since 1980, at that time I was 10 years old, making knives within Portland Works has been almost all I have ever known. See some of the winners below. 2637 SE Belmont St Portland, OR 97214. Hand-Forged Knives. The narrow face is very aggressive, even on hard tool steels, while allowing for forging your edge thin without hitting the anvil. These knife makers are a slice above. 2 months of using it still sharp!!! Portland works "Knife maker room" Concept Portlandworks I think that Portlandworks is the creative design and manufacturing space that maintain the old traditions. About the OKMG. Judges reviewed knives submitted by exhibitors for consideration. 2019 WINNERS. Click on the photos to see more. Sign in or Create an ... D2 Steel Large Single Edge Satin Finish Blade Out The Front Knife OTF with Glass Breaker. August 4, 2017. Sale price $50 00 $50.00. Used for forging copper and other non-ferrous metals, but will perform very well on hot steel when forging delicate items such as vessels, spoons, flowers, and decorative elements. JP's partner in the Maine Knife Company, John Brier, served in the U.S. Army and Massachusetts National Guard, making the Maine Knife Company a registered veteran owned company. Winning criteria included design, craftsmanship, innovation and more. Weighing around 3.5lb, this hammer is very suitable for forming the edge, forge-welding, and the accurate shaping of heavy blades. © 2021 Bridgetown Forge | Design: MediaWorks Visual Communications. Learn about Auctions, Ready-Made Sales and Ordering Custom Knives. This knife particularly excels at slicing and chopping vegetables, but performs other kitchen task without hesitation. It’s designed to move a lot of steel quickly and efficiently, with minimal effort, and is made with larger projects in mind: axes, hatchets, and swords. While these “makers” may cover a variety of products, they all share the same essential characteristic. Everything we do, from design to steel selection to forging and heat-treating to sharpening, is harnessed to this goal. Ferrum Knives are proudly manufactured in Oregon, USA. He also strikes me as a highly intelligent, conscientious, and honorable human being. The birthplace of stainless steel manufacturing, hence my Harry Brearley knife, created to celebrate 100 years passed since his world changing discovery, and the Centenary Steak, crafted from the same commissioned for purpose, Sheffield made stainless steel. Subjects covered include knife-making, tool-making, practical metallurgy, heat-treatment, and power hammer work. The weapon has a sheath to protect … Phoenix Knife House. There’s even a specialty store called the Portland Knife House run by a chef with “a bit of a knife fetish.” You can get your knife sharpened and check out work from local knife makers. In November 2020, more than 30 small businesses were located within the 2600 square metre floor space. Email us. I wouldn’t hesitate to take any other class from him or purchase any knife I needed from him. This double-bevel cleaver is forged from 1/4″ high-carbon tool steel, and is differentially hardened for a tough spine and a hard, long-lasting edge. A great class for the beginner. Get Directions (503)-234-6397 [email protected] Pros. I look forward to earning your business. The building you see on the left of that photo is my workshop, the only place I … Hunter Wharncliffe… Free shipping on orders over $50 by using code "shipfree" at checkout!
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